Housing, Dining, & Campus Life

For Summer 2019, all students in the Pre-College Programs and Contemporary Women's Institute will be living in Stone Davis Hall!

Summer Campus and Residential Life for Undergraduates


Your living and wellbeing at Wellesley will be supported by residential staff. Residential Directors are administrators, teachers, and mentors who foster strong and inclusive learning communities within the residential halls. In addition to Residential Directors, Residential Advisors will be available to students for support throughout the program. Residential Advisors are current Wellesley students who will live in the same residential hall as students, organize a variety of student activities including excursions, and provide non-academic advising.

Please note that on-campus housing is mandatory for students in the Women's Leadership program, in order to gain the full program experience of combined living and learning.



Students will reside on campus in a Wellesley historic dormitory. Resident Directors and their staff will live among students. Students should keep in mind that residential halls are not air-conditioned when planning what items to bring with them. Fans will be provided

For Wellesley College Students:  Please email studenthousing@wellesley.edu to make arrangements for housing. Campus housing is available during your registered terms from Sunday, June 3 through noon on Saturday, July 28th.  If you have questions regarding summer housing, please call the Summer Housing at 781-283-2681.

For Women's Leadership Students:  Housing is included in the program fees therefore you will not incur any additional costs.

For Visiting Summer Term Undergraduates:  Housing is available to female college students enrolled in the Wellesley College Summer Term for a weekly fee of $150 per week.  Students must be 18 or older to live in the dorm.  To guarantee housing visiting students should pay their housing deposit by the deadline for the specific Summer Term they plan to attend.


For Women's Leadership students: You will enjoy a full meal plan including breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. Saturday meals will be provided except when on weekend excursions, during which meals will be provided off-site. Students may also purchase Meal Points, for an extra fee, for use on campus at the The Emporium and the Leaky Beaker. Students with dietary restrictions due to a documented disability should register with Disability Services for accommodations.

For Wellesley College and Visiting Summer Term Undergraduates:

Wellesley College offers both residential and non-residential students retail meal options on campus.  Students can eat at the Leaky Beaker in the Science Center, and the Emporium and Bae Pao dining hall in the Lulu Wang Campus Center.  There is also a coffee bar and convenience store located in the campus center.  Residential students are welcome to use the cooking facilities in their dormitories.  
Retail dining services are available Monday-Thursday (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and Friday (breakfast and lunch), July 7- August 9.  All dining services are closed on the weekends and July 4 holiday.  Visit Wellesley Fresh to learn more. Students can pay via cash, credit card, and Meal Points to use on campus. 
For more information, please contact Betty Daphnis in AVI for more information: 781-283-2297 or bdaphnis@wellesley.edu.  
Social Activities

Summer Session students who live on campus during the summer have an opportunity to experience the residential life unique to Wellesley College. The residential halls foster a sense of community for their members and serve as a focal point for both informal and planned activities. Students in residence have access to the summer facilities and campus activities.

For Women's Leadership students:  You will engage in regular group social activities and outing trips on and off campus. Optional weekend and evening activities may include movie nights, local activities, local college visits and trips to Boston & Cambridge and the beach. All planned activities fees are covered in the residential fee. Previous activities have included: The Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Science, The Freedom Trail, Fourth of July fireworks celebration and popular tourist attractions, including Quincy Market, Boston’s North End, and Fenway Park.

Free Time

During free time, students are encouraged to explore all that Wellesley's campus offers: students can take a stroll along Lake Waban trails, visit the on-campus Davis Museum, play a round of golf at Wellesley's historic Nehoiden Golf Course, grab quick eats at the Leaky Beaker snack bar, or spend some quiet time in the Clapp Library. Just a ten-minute walk from campus is the downtown of Wellesley -- fondly referred to as "the Ville" by Wellesley students -- which offers an array of boutiques, restaurants, and coffeehouses that students can enjoy during free time as well.

Students in the Women’s Leadership Program are free to independently visit nearby cities such as Boston. For recommendations on attractions, restaurants, and weekend events in Boston and surrounding cities, students are encouraged to consult their Resident Advisors and Resident Directors.

Campus Amenities

  • Students will have WiFi access across the entire campus.

  • The Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center includes facilities such as a convenience store (The Emporium), a bookstore, and an ATM, all open throughout the summer.

  • The campus fitness center, the Keohane Sports Center, which offers gym facilities, dance studios, multipurpose gymnasiums, as well as sporting equipment for check-out.

  • For students living on campus: services at the Wellesley Health Services, Stone Counselling Center, and Office of Religious and Spiritual Life will be easily accessible to students to support their physical and emotional well being.

Transportation & Parking
Wellesley is fortunate to be located within walking distance of the commuter rail station in Wellesley Square. ZipCars are also available on campus. Free on-campus parking will be available to Summer Session students. Students who are bringing a vehicle to campus for the first time will need to go to Campus Police to register their vehicle during their orientation. There is no fee for parking. Please note: students in the Pre-College Immersive Program and the Pre-College Workshops are not allowed off campus unaccompanied.
Student Disability Services
Wellesley provides a full range of services and accommodations to people with disabilities. Students with a documented disability that requires accommodation have access to Disability Services. For more information, please contact Jim Wice, Director of Disability Services, at 781.283.2434 or jwice@wellesley.edu.
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