Pre-College Immersive Program


Wellesley's immersive summer program, designed for intellectually curious high school girls.

Spend your summer experiencing college life first-hand. Wellesley College invites motivated high school junior and senior girls to join us this summer for a unique, immersive college experience—The Wellesley Pre-College Immersive Program. For four weeks, students will have the opportunity to become members of the Wellesley community, taking courses with college students while earning full college credit. Students will also enjoy academic, social, and intellectual opportunities that cannot be found in a high school program.

Program Overview

The Immersive Experience

  • Rigorous coursework in an intimate setting, with highly motivated peers and Wellesley's renowned faculty

  • Life-changing opportunity to cultivate close connections with similar-minded women from all around the world

  • Exposure to undergraduate residential life at a world-class liberal arts and sciences institution

  • Wellesley campus' 500 acres of rolling hills and woodland, award-winning architecture, and the renowned beauty of Lake Waban in the summertime

  • Classes, residential life, and planned outings to Boston and Cambridge that encourage a holistic summer experience for personal growth 

A Typical Day

  • 8 AM: Breakfast in the Dining Hall

  • 9 AM: Morning Class

  • 11AM: Lunch in the Dining Hall

  • 2PM: Afternoon Class

  • 5PM - 6PM: Free Time (homework, trip to The Vil)

  • 6PM: Dinner

  • 7PM: Residential Life Staff Planned Program

  • 8PM: Free Time

  • 10PM: Curfew

Immersive Courses

The Pre-College Immersive Program consists of two intensive courses.

In the Immersive Pre-College Program, students challenge themselves in Wellesley's renowned academic environment by taking two intensive college courses. Over four weeks, students will take a required writing course and elective of their choosing. Students are required to take a writing course because the ability to write and express oneself concisely is paramount for all future college students. Students also choose an elective course which they have an interest in or hope to improve their skills in. 


Pre-College Elective Courses
CLCV 104: Classical Mythology
MATH 115: Calculus 1
ES 102: Environment & Society: Addressing Climage Change
SOC 102: The Sociological Perspective: An Introduction to Sociology
 THST 101: Can We Have an Argument?
WGST 120: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies


In taking a required writing course and elective, immersive program students will work with full-time Wellesley professors and learn with a small, motivated group of peers. Though pre-college students will face the rigor of Wellesley's academic environment, they will have access to dedicated faculty and trained student Teachers' Assistants.

Immersive Faculty

Pre-College Immersive Program students learn from renowned Wellesley faculty. 

In the Pre-College Immersive Program, students take two courses taught by Wellesley's accredited, exceptional faculty. At Wellesley College, students can expect to have professors who feel passionately about what they teach and who consistently go the extra mile for their students. In fact, Wellesley students frequently cite the excellence of the faculty as a core component of what makes Wellesley a transformational learning environment. 

Application Requirements

To apply to the Pre-College Immersive Program applicants must complete and submit the following no later than April 12, 2019 for international students; May 10, 2019 for domestic students. Admissions is on a rolling basis until all spaces have been filled therefore students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Students and parents with questions should contact the Summer Office at 781-283-2200 or

  • Complete the online Pre-College Application Form

  • Submit one letter of recommendation (no specific form), from a current teacher or from your school counselor

  • Submit an academic transcript

  • International applicants must show proof of English language competency through an InitialView Interview

  • Pay a $100 non-refundable application fee for domestic students; $200 non-refundable fee for international students