Pre-College Exploratory Workshops

Wellesley Summer Pre-College Discover--2

Only want a small taste of what college will be like?


The one-week residential Pre-College Exploratory Workshops offer a first step into the college experience. Students can study a specific, interesting subject by taking a workshop taught by renowned Wellesley faculty. Students will make new friends, participate in fun group activities, and challenge themselves in ways they had never considered possible!

Program Overview

The Exploratory Experience

  • Intensive study in one area of academic interest in the liberal arts and sciences curriculum, with an interdisciplinary perspective.

  • Meet and bond with women of similar interests through learning together in a small class taught by renowned Wellesley faculty.

  • Live in a historical residence hall, discovering "college life" with mentoring from 24/7 residential directors and RAs.

  • Explore Wellesley's beautiful campus, and the surrounding areas and its beautiful, and historic, surrounding areas. 

A Typical Day

  • 8 AM: Breakfast in the Dining Hall
  • 9 AM: Morning Session
  • 11:30AM: Lunch in the Dining Hall and Free Time
  • 2PM: Afternoon Session
  • 5PM - 6PM: Free Time (homework, walk around lake, exercise)
  • 6PM: Dinner in the Dining Hall
  • 7PM: Residential Life Staff Planned Program (Games, Movies, Karaoke, Davis Museum, etc.)
  • 8PM: Free Time (trip to The "Vil", hanging with friends, planned activity continued)
  • 10PM: Curfew (students back to residence hall, not rooms.)

Summer 2019 Exploratory Workshops

Below is the list of the Pre-College Workshops.  Course descriptions for the workshops can be found here


Week One | July 28 - August 2
Priestesses and Courtesans: Representing Women in Ancient Greece
Exploring Children's Liteature
The Future of Energy: Society, Environment, and Paths to a Sustainable Future
Math and Politics
Selfie in the American Life
Are We What We Eat? Writing About Food and Culture
Week Two | August 4 - August 11
 CNC and Steam Bent Chair
 Culture at Hand: digital storytelling and cultural anthropology
 Seeing Ourselves through Our Relationships with Animals
Exploring the Cosmos: Introductory Astronomy
The Mathematics of Infinity
Mathematics of Voting
Engineering Design Adventure
 Poetry Writing
 Flash Fiction: Writing Very Short Fiction

Exploratory Workshop Faculty

In Wellesley's Pre-College Exploratory Workshops, students take one course taught by Wellesley's accredited, exceptional faculty. At Wellesley College, students can expect to have professors who feel passionately about what they teach and who consistently go the extra mile for their students. In fact, Wellesley students frequently cite the excellence of the faculty as a core component of what makes Wellesley a transformational learning environment.


Application Requirements 


To apply, applicants must complete and submit the following no later than June 14, 2019. Admissions is on a rolling basis until all spaces have been filled therefore students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Students and parents with questions should contact the Summer Office at 781-283-2200 or