Summer Term Travel Courses


Wellesley College offers select summer study abroad courses, allowing current Wellesley College students to experience global learning.  All study abroad courses are taught by Wellesley Faculty. 

Please note: Program fees do not include the cost of international flights and meals. Students are responsible for arranging their own flights.


ANTH 299: Home and Away in Iceland
June 2020

Registration Fee: $50
Tuition: $2,900

Program Fee: $3,125

Why are myths often tied to geography and why are particular locations charged with powerful cultural meaning? This anthropological field course in Iceland explores the diverse ways that humans interact with their surroundings to create culture. This intensive two-week excursion (followed by two weeks of follow-up assignments) examines the cultural and geographic significance of Iceland's unique landscape and settlements. Glacial lakes, bustling cities, remote fishing villages, and eerie lava fields provide the setting for an introduction to the fascinating field of cultural geography. Students gain hands-on experience with methods of cultural anthropology, including participant-observation, interviewing, writing field notes, photography, and critical analysis. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this course offers students a rare chance to conduct ethnographic research in one of the most stunning places on Earth!

How To Apply

Summer Travel Courses are for current Wellesley College students only. 

Wellesley College students must contact the faculty member directly to sign up.
(Do not sign up for these courses through Workday.)

ANTH 299 - Iceland | Justin Armstrong