Summer Travel Courses | Wellesley College Students

Eligible Students: 

Current Wellesley Students (Class of '20-'22); 18 yrs+

Program Fee:  
$5,500 - $5,780*

Tuition - $2,800
Travel $2,700 - $2,980*
*Travel fee is in addition to tuition.  Travel fee includes local transportation and lodging.  Students are responsible for their own meals and arranging international flights

Application Fee: 
Not Applicable

Wellesley students are eligible for Financial Aid.

College Credit: 



Wellesley College offers select summer study abroad courses, allowing current Wellesley College students to experience global learning.  All study abroad courses are taught by Wellesley Faculty. 

Please note: Program fees do not include the cost of international flights. Students are responsible for arranging their own flights.


ANTH 299: Home and Away in Iceland
June 2-13, 2019 | Travel Cost: $2,925

Why are myths often tied to geography and why are particular locations charged with powerful cultural meaning? This anthropological field course in Iceland explores the diverse ways that humans interact with their surroundings to create culture. This intensive two-week excursion (followed by two weeks of follow-up assignments) examines the cultural and geographic significance of Iceland's unique landscape and settlements. Glacial lakes, bustling cities, remote fishing villages, and eerie lava fields provide the setting for an introduction to the fascinating field of cultural geography. Students gain hands-on experience with methods of cultural anthropology, including participant-observation, interviewing, writing field notes, photography, and critical analysis. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this course offers students a rare chance to conduct ethnographic research in one of the most stunning places on Earth!


CLCV 220/MAS 220:  Digital Archaeology in Greece
June 8-22, 2019 | Travel Cost: $2,750

Learn how digital technologies are transforming investigations of the ancient world! This intensive, interdisciplinary course will introduce students to innovative practices in the application of emergent digital methods to archaeological fieldwork. Students will begin with one week at Wellesley, learning how to create 3D models of artifacts and architecture, using drones and aerial photography, photogrammetry, and 3D digital scanners. We will then apply these techniques on site during two weeks in Greece. As members of the international team pursuing the excavations at ancient Eleon, students will participate in the analysis of finds dating from the Late Bronze Age through Classical period, including human remains, ceramics, metal tools, and sculpted figurines. We will also travel to the archaeological sites of Athens, Delphi, Thebes, Eleusis, and Mycenae.


THST 245: Theatrical Criticism: An Immersive Investigation at the Edinburgh Fringe
August 5-16, 2019 |Travel Cost: $2,900

Add your voice to the global conversation through a new 2-week intensive course at the World's largest arts festival! Critics occupy a place of exciting responsibility in the evolving global conversation about theatre. Come amplify your own voice! Students will immerse themselves in the craft of criticism during an intensive excursion to the biggest arts and culture festival in the world. Daily theatre productions in myriad genres (and languages!) will be selected from hundreds of festival venues, be they castles, pubs, conference rooms, observatories, volcanic playgrounds, or even in the cobbled alleys of historic Edinburgh. Daily critical discussion in print and audio will be offered, evaluated, and published online. Reviews, profiles and more will employ succinct analysis, vivid description, informed perspective and provocative questions. Collectively, students will create a vibrant snapshot of the state of theatre in today’s world!


How To Apply

Summer Travel Courses are for current Wellesley College students only

Wellesley College students must contact the faculty member directly to sign up.
(Do not sign up for these courses through Banner.)

ANTH 299 - Iceland | Justin Armstrong
WRIT 293 - Ireland | Heather Bryant
CLCV 220 - Greece | Bryan Burns
THST 245 - Scotland | Marta Rainer