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Welcome Audencia Students! We are delighted to have you join us this summer at Wellesley College.


Audencia Business School has partnered with Wellesley College to offer ABS Summer at Wellesley, a 9-week immersive program for business students to continue their educational and leadership path.


Nine Weeks. A New Perspective.

June 3, 2019 – August 2, 2019


Wellesley College is a top-ranked private women’s college in the United States. Women Audencia students are invited to spend the summer at Wellesley College, where they will gain global perspective, take innovative business courses and be empowered with the tools to launch a successful career.

Through a transformative nine-week learning experience, student will study and live just outside of Boston, one of the world’s most cutting edge cities, with peers from around the globe. Students will engage in intensive academic studies related to business and leadership, as well as communication, gender and diversity. With an emphasis on enhanced critical thinking, writing, and problem solving, students will enhance their understanding of the business industry along with discovering their own personal leadership style through self-reflective activities. Students will be able to:


• Discover a liberal arts perspective from Wellesley’s accomplished faculty, while learning essential business skills including critical thinking, writing and problem solving.

• Understand leadership and gender from an intersectional vantage point, studying with a diverse group of students from around the world .

• Explore career paths with an emphasis on understanding the roles of identity, personality and gender and how they impact the experiences of diverse groups.

• Join the community by living in a historic residence hall, with access to campus life and amenities.

Gain practical real-world insights through conversations and networking with leaders in various industries.

Venture off campus to historic Boston and Cambridge. Wellesley College is also a short train ride from New York City, Washington D.C., and Montreal, Canada.



ABS Summer at Wellesley Program Schedule


Term 1: June 3 - June 28, 2019

Can We Have an Argument?

Applying theatrical performance to the art of public speaking has long been recognized as fundamental to the creation of knowledge, and the development of thought. Students will discover the power of using words to persuade.


Term 2: July 1 - July 26, 2019

Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Explore the interdisciplinary field, and discover how gender inequalities are explained and critiqued, as well as the cultural meaning given to gender as it intersects with race, ethnicity, class, , and sexuality.


Experiential Week: July 28 - August 1, 2018

Engage in self-reflective activities including lectures by women leaders in various fields, leadership panel discussions, and corporate site visits, to gain insights about personal leadership styles.


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