Registration and Information for Summer Term

Summer Term 1: June 2 - June 26
Summer Term 6 week: June 2 - July 10
Summer Term 2: June 28 - July 24

Who Can Attend?

Current Wellesley College Students

Wellesley College students of diploma-grade standing may enroll in Wellesley College Summer Term courses. Wellesley College students not of diploma-grade standing may enroll with the permission of their class dean. Students on leave should consult their class dean before registering. Wellesley College students are required to register on-line for classes through Workday on the MyWellesley portal .

Please note: Only registered students may attend classes.

Visiting Students

Visiting College Students and Rising High School Juniors and Seniors
Undergraduates who are matriculated and in good standing at other colleges and universities are welcome to enroll in the Wellesley College Summer Term. To register, follow the How to Apply Instructions.

As a student in the Wellesley College Summer Term, you will experience the same quality of instruction that Wellesley undergraduates receive during the academic year. Our courses are approved for regular college credit. One Wellesley College Course Unit (1.0) is the equivalent of four semester hours (4 Course Credits at other institutions).

For those who wish to transfer credits from Wellesley, please consult with the Registrar of your college or university in advance. Please note that the final determination of credit awards lies with your home institution.

Wellesley College Students Starting in the Fall
High school graduates who plan to enroll as full-time first-year students at Wellesley in the fall are not eligible for participation in Wellesley College's Summer Term prior to their first semester at the College. 

International Students
Please see our INTERNATIONAL PAGE to determine visa rules and eligibility.

What are the steps?

Registration Policies and Procedures

Registration Process and Deadlines

After paying the registration fee for the appropriate Summer Term, students may register for up to two courses in each of the two summer terms.

Those registering in a laboratory science or a math course should not enroll in another course in the same term. Applicants should bear in mind that all courses will require considerable study time outside class hours.

Confirmation of registration will be displayed in the Workday Student Portal.

If at any time you decide to drop a course, you must drop the course online through Workday before the published drop deadline, which can be found here.

*Please note that the registrar's add and drop deadline are in relation transcript records.  Please review our Summer Term Refund Policy to note the last dates to drop and receive a refund (which are earlier than the official drop deadline).

Course Changes and Canellations

Students may change a course during the first two days of each Summer Term with the permission of the instructor and the Registrar's Office. All add/drop transactions are completed online through Banner Self-Service. Applicable Fees/Course Tuition will apply. Please note that the dates for refunds are not necessarily commensurate with add/drop dates; please see the Summer Term Refund Policy for details.

Summer Term courses with low enrollment (less than 5 students) are subject to cancellation approximately one month prior to the first day of classes. If you are interested in a course it is recommended that you register for it keeping in mind the Summer Term Refund Policy, which outlines the last day to drop classes for a full refund.

Academic Credit

Wellesley College Summer Term courses carry full academic course credit. The four-week summer term is more intensive than the academic year semester schedule, but in terms of course material covered, course assignments, class time and laboratory time, the Summer Term courses are equivalent to Wellesley College courses offered during the regular year. Because the term is intensive in nature, it is not advisable for students who are uncomfortable covering large amounts of material in a short amount of time to sign up for Summer Term. Students should not miss any classes due to the intense pace of instruction. For those who wish to transfer credits from Wellesley, please consult in advance with the Registrar of your college or university.

Wellesley College courses are approved for regular college credit. One Wellesley College Course Unit (1.0) is the equivalent of four semester hours (4 Course Credits at Other Institutions).

Once you have completed the course, you can request a transcript by following the instructions here.


Grades will be available online approximately 3 weeks after the end of classes. Students may view their grades by logging into My Wellesley; grades are available on Banner Self Service. Wellesley College Summer Term transcripts will be available upon request from the Wellesley College Registrars Office, Please call 781-283-2307 for assistance.

Auditing Classes

Wellesley Summer Term does not allow for auditors to sit in on summer classes due to space constraints and the intensive academic schedule.