Summer Term


Wellesley Residential Summer Programs have been canceled for Summer 2020. Wellesley will still conduct the entirety of Summer Term 2020 remotely. Instead of two four-week terms, Summer Term 2020 will now consist of a single 6-week term Monday, June 1 - Friday, July 10 (Friday, July 3, is considered a holiday for Independence Day). More information on Summer Term can be found here.

Housing and Dining


Housing is available for students taking classes over the summer. Students who live on campus reside in a Wellesley historic dormitory. Resident Directors and their staff will live among students. Students should keep in mind that residential halls are not air-conditioned when planning what items to bring with them.

For Wellesley College Students:

Please email to make arrangements for housing. Campus housing is available during your registered terms from Monday, June 1 through noon on Saturday, July 25th. If you have questions regarding summer housing, please call the Summer Housing Office at 781-283-2681.

For Visiting Summer Term Undergraduates:

Housing is available to female college students enrolled in the Wellesley College Summer Term (Session 1 and/or Session 2). Students must be 18 or older to live in the dorm. To guarantee housing visiting students will need to pay a housing deposit by the deadline for the specific Summer Term they plan to attend. Please email to make arrangements for housing.

Students on campus must meet Wellesley College Health Requirements.

Important Dates


Wellesley College offers both residential and non-residential students retail meal options on campus. Students can eat at the Leaky Beaker in the Science Center, and the Emporium and Bae Pao dining hall in the Lulu Wang Campus Center.  There is also a coffee bar and convenience store located in the campus center.  Residential students are welcome to use the cooking facilities in their dormitories.  

Tentative Schedule:  Retail dining services are available Monday-Thursday (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and Friday (breakfast and lunch).  All dining services are closed on the weekends and July 4 holiday.  Visit Wellesley Fresh to learn more. Students can pay via cash, credit card, or purchase Meal Points to use on campus at all locations. 

For more information, please contact Betty Daphnis in AVI: 781-283-2297 or  

Dietary Restrictions and Allergies
Our dining hall does an excellent job of accommodating a variety of dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and gluten free.   

Campus Amenities

  • WiFi access is available to students across the entire campus.

  • Margaret Clapp Library, which contains over a million volumes, will be open during the day for students to read, relax, and explore.

  • The Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center includes facilities such as a convenience store (The Emporium), a coffee bar, a bookstore, and an ATM, all open throughout the summer.

  • Students will also have access to the Nehoiden Golf Course and Keohane Sports Center which offers gym facilities, pool, dance studios, multipurpose gymnasiums, as well as sporting equipment for check-out.

  • Laundry facilities are located in the residence hall.