Contemporary Women's Leadership Institute for Visiting Undergrads

Dates:  June 30 - August 1, 2019

Eligibility:  Open to undergraduate women 18 and older

Price:  $8,950

Credit: 2 classes for college credit

Visa Support provided

Empower undergraduate women with education and confidence for leadership, at the place where thousands of accomplished women began their path.

Current Wellesley students should go here for specfiic details about Wellesley students in the program.
As one of the world’s preeminent colleges for women, Wellesley is pleased to offer the Contemporary Women’s Leadership Program – an immersive approach to personal leadership and success.
Wellesley is proud of its strong history of educating female leaders from around the world, across all industries and walks of life. Wellesley's ability to mold the next generation of female leaders comes from its own investment in gender equality and women's empowerment. At Wellesley, we have a high percentage of female-tenured faculty, a history of only female presidents, and countless opportunities for young women to engage in student leadership roles. In this environment, students discover in themselves unparalleled possibilities. The Wellesley Contemporary Women's Leadership Program offers the Wellesley experience -- incredible faculty and classes, supportive mentoring, and lasting friendships -- in a five week, life-changing journey.
During this intensive, five-week program that is unique, you will live and study at Wellesley College. Through challenging classroom education, self-reflective activities, and unique social interactions, undergraduates from around the world will gather to continue on their personal leadership path.
Five weeks, A World of Difference
  • Join the community living in a historic residence hall, with full access to campus life and amenities.

  • Earn college credit and learn about gender inequality, women’s leadership, and workplace challenges from Wellesley’s accomplished full-time faculty in intimate class settings.

  • Gain practical real-world insights through conversations and networking with women leaders from a broad array of industries including financial services, marketing, non-profit and entertainment.

  • Understand leadership and gender from an intersectional vantage point, studying with a diverse group of students from around the world.

  • Engage in reflective activities to gain insight into personal leadership strengths, styles and development opportunities.

  • Explore Boston & beyond from Wellesley College’s campus, located just 30 minutes away from historic Boston & Cambridge, as well as a short train ride from NYC.

To hear what past Wellesley summer students have experienced in the Contemporary Women's Leadership Program, watch the Summer 2017 Student Reflections video.
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