Discover your inner leader

By Yadira Ayala, Wellesley Class of 2020 Continue reading

The Leadership Journey…a Woman’s Odyssey

Written by: Nancy Coleman Associate Provost and Director of Strategic Growth Initiatives at Wellesley College  Continue reading

Dynamic Leadership Through Golf Workshop at Wellesley College

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Wonder Woman and Me: Why Female Representation Matters

Written By: Becca Pachl, 2017 Women's Leadership Participant Continue reading

My Experience Abroad: The Wellesley Impact

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Ask a Residential Assistant: An Interview with a Summer RA

Shirley is a Wellesley sophomore who hails from Vancouver, British Columbia and studies Economics and Media Arts and Sciences at Wellesley College. Shirley serves Summer@Wellesley in Research, Marketing, and by being a Summer Residential Assistant in the summer of 2017. Continue reading

Why I Chose the Contemporary Women's Leadership Program

Written by: Becca Pachl, 2017 Women's Leadership Participant Continue reading