Dynamic Leadership Through Golf Workshop at Wellesley College

Written By Becca Pachl, 2017 Contemporary Women Leadership Student

When 2017 One Wellesley Summer student Aqsa prepared to learn golf for the first time, it was safe to say she had a lot of doubts. As she and her peers made their way to Wellesley College’s famous Nehoiden Golf Club, the group spoke nervously, unsure of what to expect and if the sport would even be fun! Aqsa reflects: “I had never done this before. I had zero experience-- I was starting from scratch.”

The young women, part of One Wellesley Summer’s Contemporary Women’s Leadership program, were learning to play golf as one of their final activities in the program’s networking/development series. Despite the nervousness which playing a new sport entailed-- and the awkwardness of having no idea what to even wear-- the young women knew the short-term investment could be of significant benefit. Research shows that women and girls who play golf develop skills that allow them to become more successful in the business world, as playing 18-holes offers insight to a person’s character, risk-taking ability, sense-of-humor, and so on.

2017 Contemporary Women’s Leadership participant, Becca, explained: “One of the things that was really stressed to us in our classes was that leadership and business happen beyond offices and in the classroom. It can be anywhere.”

While the sun was still low in the sky on this warm August morning, the young women stood with various clubs in hand on the golf course, listening to their instructor, Leslie Andrews, introduce herself. Leslie, a Wellesley alum and Director of Golf at Wellesley’s Nehoiden Golf Club, described her commitment to the sport, explaining how she has dedicated the last 15 years of her life to teaching women to play golf-- a sport, she believes, that can last women a lifetime.

During their day-long lesson, Andrews provided attentive training, teaching the fundamentals of golf like putting, chipping, swinging, and eventually ending with a full game played around Wellesley’s scenic golf course. For #onewellesleysummer student, Aqsa, the golf lesson was the highlight of her summer at Wellesley. She expressed her excitement of being able to say she golfed, and remensied that the most important lesson she learned was that of risk-taking. “Just be ready to say yes,” Aqsa offered.

 After such a successful 2017 golf workshop, One Wellesley Summer is proud to offer, this 2018 summer, an Exploratory Workshop titled “Dynamic Leadership Through Golf,” a one-week program that teaches high-school girls the fundamentals of golf. From exploring the physics of the sport to the environmental science of the golf club’s rich ecosystem, students are offered an in-depth, holistic introduction to playing golf. Taught by Leslie Andrews, students will receive a week-long, life-changing experience, learning in small class-sizes and enjoying individualized training from Andrews herself.

For just one week at Wellesley College, high-school girls in this workshop will be challenged to think, act, and play like a leader as they make their way through Wellesley’s beautiful and serene Nehoiden Golf Club. As Andrews put it: “Be ready to be challenged, be ready to make friends, and most importantly be ready to learn a skill which you will develop and hone throughout your life.”