Health Requirements for Residential Programs

All students who live on Wellesley's campus must adhere to the State of Massachusetts' Immunization Requirements and submit all required health forms in order to attend One Wellesley Summer.

Summer @ Wellesley Health Forms and Instructions

If you are living on campus this summer you will need to meet Wellesley College Health Requirements.

Immunizations required are in accordance with the State of Massachusetts Immunization Requirements. We encourage families to prepare required documentation for upload in advance of deposit due date. Some forms require a licensed clinician and parent/guardian signature. 

Important Note: Failure to comply with this Wellesley College health requirement and Massachusetts immunization requirements will jeopardize students' enrollment in the One Wellesley Summer program. Students not in compliance who arrive on campus will not be given access to housing, a OneCard (Student I.D.), and registration in courses will be blocked.


This summer, One Wellesley Summer is partnering with to better serve our students and staff.  SchoolDoc offers an electronic health record system for schools, and you can now complete health information electronically. You will not have access to the SchoolDoc system until you are accepted in to the program and pay your deposit. Please note that supports the current and previous major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari which provide improved security and performance for health information.

The security and privacy of health information is important to us. The site is secure, encrypted, and password protected. Only One Wellesley Summer's authorized staff will have access to student health information.

Health Record Deadlines:

Program International Deadline Domestic Deadline
Contemporary Women's Leadership Institute April 29 May 28
Pre-College Immersive Program April 29 May 28
Pre-College Exploratory Workshops n/a July 1
Summer Term 1 Residential April 1 April 29
Summer Term 2 Residential April 29 May 28

Late Health Record submission Fee

To ensure the safety of our students on campus, One Wellesley Summer will be assessing a $150 fee for any student who submits their health records past the deadline.  

US Based Healthcare Plan Required


For international students or US Citizens residing outside the US
Due to differences in international health care plans and systems, we cannot guarantee that your health insurance coverage will be valid in the United States or that doctors/hospitals will accept your international health insurance, even in an emergency. Therefore, all One Wellesley Summer participants who reside outside of the United States are required to purchase the Wellesley Summer Accident and Sickness Insurance Program. Information about this policy is available here

Rates for the Wellesley Summer Accident and Sickness Insurance Program for 2019

# Program Weeks Total Cost to Students
1 $48.00
2 $70.00
4 $100.00


9 $193.00


For US Citizens
If you are covered under your parent’s insurance plan and your parents do not live in Massachusetts, please call your health insurance company and confirm that you have access to comprehensive health insurance coverage in the area of Wellesley College. Comparable coverage is a health plan that provides comprehensive coverage for out-patient care and provides access to local doctors, specialists, hospitals, mental health services, and other health care providers in emergency and non-emergency situations outside of the state you reside. Emergency coverage only is not sufficient. Note: Travel medical insurance plans may not provide coverage other than emergency care in Massachusetts.